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Acupuncture Treatment
Benefits During Pregnancy

Having Acupuncture Treatment whilst Pregnant

Acupuncture is a powerful, drug-free therapy ideally suited to pregnancy. It has a high degree of patient satisfaction, and an increasing body of evidence supporting the effectiveness of acupuncture for a range of common obstetric complaints.  Acupuncture has been used for thousands of years to treat women whilst pregnant, with the earliest major obstetric texts coming from the Ming dynasty (1368-1644).

Many women find that they have ailments during pregnancy that they did not have before or that ailments/conditions they already have are made worse or they cannot or do not want to take the medications that they usually would.  These problems are often described as ‘minor’ but can be very distressing or perhaps painful for the woman and can possibly stop the woman from enjoying her pregnancy.  Acupuncture offers a safe and natural way to tackle common pregnancy aliments.

Rachel has completed specialist training in obstetric acupuncture (pregnancy acupuncture), the content of which is approved by the Royal College of Midwives. Over the years, Rachel has treated many pregnant women and enjoys helping women be comfortable, healthy and happy during this important time in their lives.


Some conditions that women have used acupuncture for during pregnancy:

  • Pregnancy sickness
  • Back and pelvic pain
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Constipation
  • Sinusitis

Acupuncture therapy can be highly beneficial during preparation for labour:

  • Pre-birth acupuncture (from 36/37 weeks to prepare the body for labour)
  • Positioning of the foetus (turning a breech baby)
  • Natural induction of labour when past due date