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Abdominal Massage

Abdominal massage focuses on the digestive system and is perfect for anyone who suffers with digestive problems such as constipation and bloating.  If you have considered colonic hydrotherapy in the past, try abdominal massage instead – the massage on the colon will have the same effect but is a relaxing, non invasive treatment option.

Why is Colon Health Important?

Larg1_15_2011Fertility-Massage-2The first half of the colon has very sensitive nerves and muscles to create wavelike motions (peristalsis) to move the contents of the colon through to the rectum in order for them to be eliminated form the body. If this section of the colon is healthy, it extracts nutrients from the material coming from the small intestine, where it passes into the bloodstream to be carried by blood vessels to the liver for processing. If the individual is constipated, the waste in the colon can putrefy and ferment, with any nutritional elements present passing into the blood stream as polluted products – this is called toxemia – a build-up of toxins in the bloodstream.

The purpose of the colon as an organ of elimination is to collect fermentative and putrefactive toxic waste from every part of the body, and by the peristaltic waves of the muscles of the colon, remove all this waste from the body. Not properly removing waste from the colon is like having the Bin Men on strike. Just as the accumulation of rubbish on the streets would create putrid, unhealthy gases and odours that would be dispersed into the atmosphere, toxins from waste putrefying in your colon can seep into your bloodstream, causing an array of ailments. If these ailments are not addressed and constipation is not treated, toxemia and a build up of pathogenic bacteria may lead to a serious illness.

Abdominal Massage FAQ

  • What is deep abdominal massage?

    Deep abdominal massage is a massage that focuses on the abdomen and all of the digestive organs that are housed there. The aim is to increase blood flow to the area and encourage the natural function and flow of the digestive system.
  • What are the benefits of deep abdominal massage?

    The benefits of deep abdominal massage are improvements in digestive function, more effecient waste elimination - it is very effective if you are suffering from abdominal bloating and constipation. As with all massage, people often report a sense of calm, relaxation and wellbeing after the treatment.
  • Before my deep abdominal massage?

    It is best to avoid eating a large meal an hour before your appointment so that your digestive system is not 'busy' during the massage. You do not need to make any other special preparations.


  • I suffered from "morning sickness" from about my fourth week of pregnancy – I felt constantly nauseous and was being sick up to three times a day. At about ten or eleven weeks, as the sickness didn't seem to be going away on its own, I started consulting Rachel. Right from the very first appointment I couldn't believe the difference that acupuncture made. I went into the first treatment feeling sick and prepared with sweets and salty food in case I felt like being sick during the appointment. As I lay on the treatment couch the nausea just disappeared and I wasn't sick at all – and didn't even feel sick - for the next 36 hours. After three or four sessions of acupuncture with Rachel the sickness had all but disappeared. The acupuncture treatment made it so much easier to cope with everyday life, work and looking after an active toddler alongside my pregnancy. If I fell pregnant again and suffered from morning sickness I would definitely seek acupuncture earlier on in the pregnancy, as I felt it made such a positive difference for me this time.
    Helen, 32, How Acupuncture helped my morning sickness during pregnancy
  • Rachel has really turned my life around with her treatments. When I first arrived at Rachel's clinic I was in a mess with anxiety. I was quickly reassured by Rachel and we had a very thorough consultation where Rachel established my current state of mind and how to treat it. Immediately after the treatment I felt finally like I had a rest from the constant anxiety that had previously controlled my life. Ongoing further treatment was fantastic and Rachel was consistently checking up with my condition to ensure that I was receiving the right treatment and was adjusting the points that she was working on to completely eradicate any symptoms, for the first time in my life I felt fully functional. Acupuncture with Rachel was completely painless and certainly not scary at all as I had expected it to be. At all times I felt that I was in safe and professional hands, it has been fascinating having treatment with Rachel because of the knowledge that she shared with me about my treatment and I have since recommended Rachel to many of my friends and family who have also had success
    Naomi, Used acupuncture treatments to alleviate severe anxiety
  • I originally went to see Rachel to get help with back pain, but got more than I bargained for! During the first assessment Rachel helped me identify other areas she could work on, the main one being my weight. I was significantly overweight and had a BMI of over 40. With her help and support I have lost over 8 stone, and my back pain has significantly improved. In the process, I also found myself sleeping better and generally feeling healthier. Rachel's friendly and open manner helped identify a range of issues she was then able to treat in a variety of different ways. I highly recommend the service that Rachel provides and am eternally grateful for everything she has done to help me.
    Linsey, Benefits of acupuncture for treatment of back pain and weight loss
  • Pain? What Pain? It's gone, thank you so much Rachel. This getting older with arthritis is like having no oil in the joints, very stiff, painful and limitations on movement. Since coming to you I can move much more easily. I can walk down stairs properly instead of hobbling, or walking backwards to get downstairs. I was nervous about acupuncture, needles frighten me. I must say that I did not feel you putting them in and after walking in to your surgery all my fears melted away.
    Shelagh, Using Acupunture therapy to treat arthritis
  • I was surprised to find acupuncture very relaxing, I felt the results very quickly which was great and I was able to judge when I needed treatment and that was empowering for me. Although the stress in my life is still the same because I feel more relaxed I am better able to deal with it and because I am sleeping through the night now, I'm not tired all the time. I feel so much better and people have noticed how well I look
    Christine, Facial Revitalisation Acupuncture and Stress